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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 3, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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students at towson are taking a moment tonight to remember two of their fellow classmates who died over the past weekend. in an hour, voters will head to the polls for maryland's primary. i'm sherrie johnson, live with a look at the candidates. who won the mega millions jackpot? there is a woman in baltimore who claims she did. why there is controversy over her story. a live look, for our camera, down at the inner harbor on this tuesday, april 3rd. you are waking up to what is new on good morning maryland, thank you so much for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. weather a big concern today. let's see what is going on today with lynette charles. a windy, chilly day yesterday. it was windy , the gusts up to 35 miles an hour, charlie, not the case this morning, that's one part of good news to deliver to you. we have freeze warning in effect and a frost advisory in
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effect, it's cold this morning, as you head out to the polls, really bundle up, you are going to need the heavy coat on. here is the freeze warning in effect for carol and frederick until 9:00 this morning, we look at the blues , the lighter color blues are in effect until 9:00, those are your frost advisories. we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. easton 36. frederick 37. more in jessup. see the winds with the big goose egg, nice and calm, that's able to mage it clear outside, make it cold outside. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. it will stay that way throughout the day. a check of the traffic with angela. how are the roads? >> good morning, the roads are in great shape. it's been a quiet commute out there, for those of you electing to take public transportation, mta, report nothing delays on the rails or bus lines. let's start off with the live look at traffic flow for those of you taking the drive around the beltway, north side, we are
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very light, moving nice and freely for you, as you pass bel air, overly, over to towson this morning. for those of you traveling southbound, on, i-95, in problems. a tap of the brakes through jessup at maryland 32s disabled vehicle on the left side. we begin with a race for the white house and voters will be heading to polls here in maryland, wisconsin and drying of columbia. polling places will open in less than an hour and maryland will be voting in the primary election. >> sherrie johnson is out live at one of the polls sites set to open in less than an hour. >> we are here at hazelwood in east baltimore, this is a busy polling site. it's maryland's primary. we've seen a number of election
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voters, they will getting up and getting situated for if voters that will be turning out. we have seen a number of police officers. maryland republicans offer up 37 delegates to one of the candidates in the primary, voters could help mitt romney , the front runner or choose another candidate. i have dr. john bulloch with towson university, political science professor, joining me live. thank you for being here. >> good morning, no problem. >> reporter: mitt romney, how do you think he is going to do in the primary? >> i anticipate him doing well. it's not a very, very conservative state. he is a moderate republican. he will do well here and the support of former governor bob ehrlich, that will help as well. >> reporter: how does maryland fair as far as the primary is concerned? >> we are not in january, we
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are not in june, we are in the middle of the process, that gives us the ability to see how things go forward. >> reporter: let's talk about local, tell me about the hot local races. >> one of the things people are speaking about is the senate race. we have our current senator, ben carden k up for reelection, on the republican side there are candidates and democratic side, being challenged by anthony muse. >> reporter: what about voter turnout? >> we would like to see good voter turnout. there hasn't been a lot of attention or energy. i would be surprised to see a high turnout. it's great to see a high turnout. >> thank you so much for joining us. we will check in with you at 6:45. the polls open at 7:00. less than an hour away. we've seen judges work to
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prepare everything for you. mitt romney is halfway towards clinching the nomination for president. he has 572 delegates, half of the 1144 needed. newt gingrich has 135 and ron paul has 51. a look this morning at where the the candidates will be today. ron paul will be holding a meeting in chico, california. mitt romney will be holding an election day lunch in wisconsin and then election night in milwaukee, rick santorumholding a party in pennsylvania. newt gingrich head a stop in our state last night. the former house speaker spoke about health care, gas price , the economy, it happened at hood college in frederick.
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newt gingrich continueed in the race but says he is going to support mitt romney if the former massachusetts governor wins the nomination. >> keep it here for the primary. team coverage, last minute campaign stops and tonight at 11:00, the latest results and live coverage from around the area and more at a candlelight vigil held at towson university as students honor two others who were killed over the weekend. a 27 year old named timothy coyer is an iraq war veteran and found dead in his apartment off of campus. baltimore county police believe he had a heart attack. 12 hours earlier, ryan bailey was killed at a hit and run accident. police still searching for the driver. learning this morning about a deadly crash that happened in gamber we told you about
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yesterday on good morning maryland. deputies say that a 16 year old was driving northbound on pull road and lost control of her toyota corolla and it veered off the road and wrapped around the tree. wet roads are believed to be the blame. deputy chief of p arundel county police department didn't hold back when facing the council. he accuses the chief of looking up criminal information on pleas and says the department has not been so dysfunctional in his 35 year career.
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john leopold is charged with misusing county resources like the officers he used for security detail. officers complained to chief tier but nothing changed. the council will vote on a resolution to suspend him in the coming weeks. a woman in baltimore says she has the winning mega millions ticket. >> co-workers say it's part their money, too. linda so is here with the latest on the jackpot controversy. >> this woman claims she has the ticket and it's only hers. she is a single mother, a haitian immigrant, a single mother of 7 living in the west port community. she spoke with abc 2, there is controversy over if she is the mega millions winner. maryland wilson says she and co- workers at the mcdonald's on liberty pooled money to buy ticket bus the she says the winning ticket was purchased specifically for her. separately by another co- worker.
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we spoke with an estate planning attorney who says a dispute will wind up in court and it will come down to whether the judge or jury believes the person holding the ticket or the other people who say they should have a piece of it. if wilson is the winner she will get $218.6 million. >> lottery officials tell us, no winner has officially stepped forward. linda so, abc2 news. new and pretty dramatic 911 calls released when a series of fires broke out. this happening in colorado. we will chat live with a maryland scientist and meteorologist about how tornados form and how the information will help you track twisters.
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welcome back. we are in the dark. the lites are still on here at abc2 news. time for a check of the forecast with lynette charles. we are not windy like
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yesterday. with recold. frost advisory, and freeze warning, temperatures are chilly. broke out my parka this morning. no, i didn't. it cold enough, though, that's for sure. see the guy, 36 baltimore, we went up a bit. the last time i showed you this, we were at freezing. yes, it's cold this morning, no time to play, because 29 degrees in york, pennsylvania. 32 frederick and frederick stuck on the 32 for a while. we have the frost advisory and freeze warning. the freeze warning is in effect for carroll county and frederick, the freeze warning and the frost advisory in effect until 9:00. the satellite and radar not picking up on anything, this is one of the reasons why temperatures are so cold this morning, we don't have the clouds out there, the clouds act like a blanket and keep us warm. through the days we will see a little bit of change this the forecast. the reason why, we will have a
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warm front that's going to bring in more moisture and clouds. that's why temperatures will warm up through the overnight and then we will be seeing showers in the forecast possibly as we go in to tomorrow and future trend picking up on that, a couple of showers isolated in nature. take your rain gear as you go through tomorrow. that passes by. high pressure building in, thursday and friday. lots of shall be in the forecast. opening day, definitely looking like a good day to be out and about. for today, not so shabby at all. temperature coming in around 6 degrees, we will warm things up by 4:00 p.m. you might want to eat the lunch outdoors. check out the seven-day forecast hear for you, wednesday, 72 degrees, a chance for a shower shower in the forecast. ample sunshine to be had. that will continue even as we
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go in to friday. opening day is going to be spectacular as of now. 63 by the weekend looking good and warmer, easter sunday, 70 degrees, next chance for showers working in here by next monday. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning to you. the roads are in good shape, not a lot in terms of distractions or problems. a look at the ride on 795, in from owings mills, looking good, to the west side of the beltway. if you are heading to the east side of 695, always clear, between pulaski highway and the key bridge. a live look at the topside, traveling through overly, looking good, on both stretches of the beltway, driving to towson on the outer loop. for those of you taking the drive from marriottsville on i- 70, we has a look at that. here is a look through elk ridge, no delays. very light volume for this time
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of morning, your eastbound lanes will increase a little bit as you make your way to the west side of 695 and current trip time, around 83 right now from shawan to the beltway, five minutes and looking good on 95, no brake lights at all. southbound, white marsh to the beltway, it's a 6-minute drive. bel air to providence 6 minutes and west side 7 minutes. you are good to go from 795 to i-70. this morning, hem alert, important news for women, research suggests finding breast cancer early isn't always better. one quarter wouldn't have caused problems put the tumors that are treated anyway. there is no certain way to determine which ones are going to be life threatening. a surge of women developing the deadliest form of cancer. skin cancer rates for women
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under 4 and found between 1970- 2009, melanoma rates increased 8 times over. it's a national problem. >> the rise in tanning bed behavior over the wreers is problem -- years is probably a mayor contributor. the number of cancers are rising, but the death from melanoma has gone down thanks to early diagnosis. 3q
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tow truck drivers can be in tricky situations, that was the case for a driver in norway. the tow truck was pulling a tractor trailer when the truck started to slide to the right and fall over a cliff. the tow truck was pulled with
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it. the trave of the tow truck jumped out but the truck thrive rolled down the hill and has broken bones and listed in stable condition. this is in india, two sets of parents are fighting over this newborn girl, the problem is, neither of them want her. she was brn at the same time as the young boy. they alienaled the babies were -- alleged the babies were switched at birth. boys are favored over girls in india society. sleet hit northern china. there is a festival going on. this have been no transportation troubles because of the weather. for those who braved the streets, they had to deal with the muddy roads as well.
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starbucks plans to trip it will work force. the company employs 10,000 people in five hundred chinese stores according to the wall street journal. it will take three years to wrap up. they have a plan to ramp up growth in india and vietnam. mac can i -- when you hear this love story you are going to understand why. jamie costello tells us. [music] >> reporter: we knew he was strong, fast and smart, but john mackie didn't know he was sick. he died with alzheimers in july, sylvia remembers. >> i heard him say, my mom kicked over. that's street talk for just
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died can. i looked at him in shock and he is sitting there with the blank stare. >> the disease would take every penny out of his memory bank. sylvia was left to fill in the blanks. >> i had to preserve what we had. u had to make sure he was as  happy as he could be. >> he forget yesterday, she worried about tomorrow. like how she was going to get him in to adult diapers. >> i brought him home while he was lucid and said honey, look what the nfl sent. he opened the package and put them on and went over to the mirror, patted his stomach, front and back and said, hey, these are nice. >> he got the mail, mail -- she will be honored by the
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alzheimers association. >> i'm grateful. thank you. >> there are questions with this story for example, does she think football had a role in the illness, she said yes. that was jamie costello reporting. coming up, 100 years ago construction on the infamous ship that could not be sunk, was completed. >> we are expected to learn new ground breaking details about the sinking.
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it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message.
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why did a gunman open fire at a california college? the latest on the possible motive in the deadly shooting rampage. people come together to show support for trayvon martin's family. how the case is moving forward. general assembly, days away
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from wrapping up the session. what lawmakers have to accomplish in a short time frame. those stories coming up. down at the inner harbor, a check on your weather in a second. we are waking up to what is new on this tuesday morning, april 3rd, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's head over to lynette charles for a check of the forecast. good morning, charlie and meagan. frosty conditions this morning. we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00, for all the areas here shaded in the lighter blue area. we are dealing with freeze warning in effect for carroll county and frederick county, see the darker purplish looking colors towards maryland. we are cold this morning, you need to bundle up. i'm saying this in spring. check it out, ellicott city, the temperature coming in at 34, two degrees above freezing,